Ever thought your wedding could be as unique as your Netflix playlist? Yeah, we did too! Welcome to where dreams hitch a ride on the love train.

What’s Our Deal?

  • Quick Answer: We make weddings unforgettable (without the stress)!
  • Long Story Short: We’re all about creating your perfect day, with a twist.

Our Mission? Easy Peasy:

  1. Keep It Personal: Your love story is a bestseller, let’s showcase it.
  2. Stress? What’s That? Planning should be as smooth as your dance moves.
  3. Details, Details: From napkin folds to DJ beats, we’ve got it covered.
  4. Fun Over Fluff: Celebrations are about joy, not just fancy tablecloths.

So, How Did We Start?

Imagine two lovebirds (Cristina & Alex (Yes, that’s the photo of us!)) dreaming up a storm. We thought, “Why not make wedding planning fun?” Boom! HandsomeWedding was born. Our journey from blog buddies to wedding wizards has been wild:

  • From Blogs to I-Dos: Started with tips, now we’re here.
  • Globe-Trotters: Inspiration from every corner of the planet.
  • Happy Tears & Cheers: Every wedding feels like our own.

Meet the Dream Team:

  • Cristina: Detail dynamo. Can spot a misplaced flower from a mile away.
  • Alex: Writting machine. Thinks outside the box and then decorates it.

Got Questions? Shoot!

Dreaming of a wedding that breaks the internet (for all the right reasons)? Let’s chat!

Ready to make some magic together? Let’s turn that “I think” into “I do” with a splash of HandsomeWedding sparkle!