9 Bridal Shower Games Guests Actually Want to Play

Looking for bridal shower games that guests genuinely enjoy can be a challenge. Want to avoid the eye-rolls and yawns often associated with clichéd party activities?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a curated list of 9 bridal shower games that are not only fun but also engaging and memorable, ensuring your event is a hit with every guest.

9 Fun Bridal Shower Games

#1 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Imagine this: You’re at a bridal shower, surrounded by laughter and excitement, and it’s time for a game that’s not just fun but also sparks creativity. Enter the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game, a hilarious and engaging activity that will have everyone in stitches.

First, you’ll need to gather your materials – and in this case, it’s just rolls of toilet paper. Make sure you have plenty; you don’t want to run out mid-design!

Divide your guests into small teams. Three to four people per team works well. Each team selects one member to be the ‘bride.’

Now, the fun begins. The objective? Each team must create a stunning wedding dress out of toilet paper. Yes, you heard that right – a wedding dress made entirely from toilet paper!

Set a timer. Usually, 10 to 15 minutes is enough to keep the game fast-paced and exciting. As the clock ticks, teams start draping, rolling, and twisting the toilet paper, transforming their ‘bride’ into a vision in white.

Encourage creativity. Some teams might go for the traditional gown, while others might get inventive with accessories like veils, bouquets, or even jewelry – all made from toilet paper, of course.

Once the time is up, it’s showtime. Each ‘bride’ models their unique toilet paper wedding dress. You can have the real bride-to-be judge the dresses or let everyone vote for their favorite. The team with the most votes or the bride’s favorite dress wins.

#2 He Said, She Said

“He Said, She Said” is a delightful game that’s both personal and full of laughs, perfect for adding a special touch to the celebration.

Before the shower, prepare by interviewing the bride and groom separately. Ask them a series of questions about their relationship, preferences, and quirky habits. For example, “Who is more likely to burn the dinner?” or “Who said ‘I love you’ first?”

Based on their responses, create a list of statements. For instance, “I am the better cook” or “I am more likely to get lost.”

Now, design a game sheet for your guests. List these statements and include two columns beside each: one for ‘He’ and one for ‘She.’ You can get creative with the design, maybe even incorporating the wedding theme or colors.

At the bridal shower, hand out the game sheets and pens to each guest. Your task for them is simple yet entertaining: for each statement, they must guess who said it – the bride or the groom.

As the guests ponder over each statement, you’ll hear bursts of laughter and even debates, as everyone tries to figure out the couple’s dynamics.

Once everyone has made their guesses, it’s time for the big reveal. The bride shares the correct answers. Expect surprises and giggles as the true answers are revealed – there’s always something unexpected!

For each correct guess, guests earn a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. You might even have a small prize for them, like a scented candle or a box of chocolates.

#3 Love Story Mad Libs

This game not only fills the room with laughter but also lets everyone’s creative side shine. A quirky, fun twist on the classic Mad Libs, tailored for the bridal shower.

Before the shower, write a short story about the couple. It could be about how they met, their first date, or even a funny incident they shared. The trick is to leave out key words and replace them with blanks, indicating the type of word needed (noun, verb, adjective, etc.).

At the shower, hand out copies of this story to your guests. Go around the room and ask each guest to contribute a word – they won’t know the context, which is where the fun begins.

Once the blanks are filled, read the story aloud. The result? A hilarious, often nonsensical version of the couple’s love story that will have everyone in stitches.

This game is a fantastic icebreaker and gets everyone involved. Plus, it’s a great keepsake for the bride – a reminder of the joy and laughter shared on this special day.

#4 Date Night Jar

This activity is a heartwarming and creative way to engage everyone at the bridal shower, offering a blend of thoughtfulness and fun. It’s all about enriching the couple’s future with a myriad of wonderful date ideas.

First, prepare a charming jar – this could be a simple mason jar or something more decorative, perhaps even customized with the couple’s names. Alongside the jar, place stacks of blank slips of paper or note cards, and an assortment of pens.

The concept is simple yet deeply meaningful. Each guest writes down one or more date night ideas on the slips of paper. These can range from classic dinner and movie nights to more adventurous outings like hiking or a weekend getaway. Encourage guests to be creative and considerate of the couple’s preferences and personalities.

Once they’ve penned their ideas, guests will fold the slips and place them in the jar. This jar will become a treasure trove of ideas for the couple to use throughout their first year of marriage, ensuring they always have inspiration for spending quality time together.

To play, you don’t need teams or a competitive edge. Instead, it’s about collective contribution. However, you can add a twist by having the bride-to-be read some of the ideas aloud and guess who might have written them. This adds an element of fun and personal connection to the game.

The beauty of the Date Night Jar lies in its simplicity and the lasting impact it has. It’s not just a game for the bridal shower; it’s a gift that keeps on giving, offering the couple exciting and varied date options for their newlywed life.

#5 Celebrity Couples

Now, let’s add a dash of pop culture with Celebrity Couples. This game is perfect for adding a light-hearted, playful vibe to the shower.

Prepare by listing down names or pictures of famous couples on cards – think of a mix from different eras and genres to keep it interesting. You can have one card with one half of the couple and another card with their significant other.

Spread these cards out and challenge your guests to match the celebrity couples. As they mix and match, there’s bound to be laughter and debate – was it Brad Pitt with Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

This game is not just entertaining; it’s a great way to get guests mingling and bonding over shared knowledge (or guesses) about pop culture. It’s light, easy to set up, and always good for a few laughs.

#6 Memory Lane

This game is a heartwarming walk down memory lane. It’s a beautiful way to honor the bride’s relationships with each of her guests.

Provide each guest with a card and ask them to write down a favorite memory they have with the bride. It could be something funny, touching, or simply a significant moment they shared.

Once everyone is done, the bride reads these memories aloud and guesses who wrote each one. This game often leads to laughter, tears, and heartwarming stories, reminding everyone of the beautiful journey the bride has had with her loved ones.

Memory Lane is more than a game; it’s a celebration of friendships and relationships, making it a deeply meaningful part of any bridal shower.

#7 Bridal Pictionary

For this bridal game, you’ll need a whiteboard or a large pad of paper on an easel, and some markers. Make sure these are visible to all your guests. The setup is simple but effective – it’s all about what your guests will create on that blank canvas.

Bridal Pictionary is similar to the traditional Pictionary game but with a delightful twist – it’s all about weddings. Before the shower, prepare a list of wedding-related words and phrases. Think broad and creative – from ‘first dance’ to ‘honeymoon’, or even ‘something blue’.

Divide your guests into two teams. Each team takes turns sending up a ‘drawer’ who will pick a word or phrase from your pre-prepared list. The challenge? They have to draw it out for their team to guess, without speaking or writing any words or numbers.

Set a timer for each round – two minutes is usually enough to keep the game lively and fast-paced. As the timer ticks down, the drawer scribbles away, and their team shouts out guesses. The excitement builds with each passing second – will they guess it right?

#8 Ring Hunt

To play this bridal game, your first task is to prepare the hunting ground before your guests arrive (obviously). You’ll need a collection of rings – these can be plastic or candy rings, easily available at party supply stores. The more, the merrier, as you’ll want to hide plenty around the party area. Think creatively with your hiding spots – tucked between cushions, behind decor items, or under chairs. The goal is to make them challenging, but not impossible to find.

As the bridal shower gets underway, announce the Ring Hunt game to your guests. Explain that hidden around the party area are numerous rings, and their mission is to find as many as they can. Set a time limit for the hunt – usually, 10-15 minutes is sufficient to keep the game lively and fun without dragging on.

Hand each guest a small bag or pouch for collecting their found rings. When you say ‘go’, the hunt begins! Watch as a wave of excitement sweeps over the party, with guests searching high and low for the hidden treasures.

To make the game even more engaging, consider playing some upbeat music during the hunt. This adds to the festive atmosphere and energizes the participants.

Once the time is up, gather everyone and count the rings each guest has found. The person with the most rings is declared the winner. It’s a great idea to have a prize for the winner – perhaps a small gift like a scented candle, a bottle of wine, or a gift card.

#9 Musical Bouquet

The setup for Musical Bouquet is simple and requires minimal preparation. You’ll need a bouquet – this could be the bridal bouquet, a mock bouquet made for the shower, or even a simple bunch of flowers tied together. The key is that it’s easy to pass around.

Arrange the chairs in a circle, one less than the number of participants, just like in musical chairs. This game is best played with a moderate number of guests to keep it manageable and fun.

Have your guests stand in a circle around the chairs and hand the bouquet to one of them. Start playing some lively music – something that gets everyone in a festive mood. The idea is for the guests to walk around the chairs while the music plays and pass the bouquet to each other.

When the music stops, the person holding the bouquet is out and takes a chair with them, reducing the circle by one each time. The game continues with the music starting and stopping at random intervals, and each time the music stops, the person left holding the bouquet is out.

To make the game even more engaging, you can add a twist. When the music stops, instead of being ‘out’, the person holding the bouquet could be required to do a fun challenge or answer a question about the bride or the couple. This variation keeps everyone in the game longer and adds an extra layer of fun and laughter.

The game goes on until there’s only one person left – the winner. This person can be awarded a special prize, something fun or sentimental, as a memento of the game and the day.