59 Hilarious Bridal Shower Quotes

Bridal showers, a time-honored tradition dating back to the 16th century, have always been about celebrating the journey from Miss to Mrs. with love, laughter, and a close-knit circle of friends.

Amid the excitement of dress fittings, venue selections, and menu tastings, the bridal shower stands out as a moment of pure, unadulterated joy, where you, along with fellow bridesmaids, get the chance to sprinkle the bride-to-be with love, advice, and of course, a healthy dose of humor.

Whether you’re crafting the perfect toast, penning down heartfelt messages in a card, or simply bringing a smile to everyone’s faces, the right words can elevate the celebration.

To help you capture the essence of this special occasion, we’ve compiled a diverse collection of 65 bridal shower quotes.

Bridal Shower Quotes For Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids for a day best friends for life.

“Bridesmaids for a day, best friends for life.”

“Side by side or miles apart, we’re always together at heart.”

“Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family.”

“Behind every happy bride is a supportive bridesmaid squad.”

“Bridesmaid duty: helping her smile before the aisle.”

“Together is a beautiful place to be.”

“Friends are the flowers in the garden of life, and I’ve picked the best ones.”

“It’s not just the bride who gets to shine today.”

“Bridesmaids: Sisters from another mister.”

“The ‘I do’ crew, ready for the bride!”

“The next chapter of love starts here.”

“Cherishing these moments before the ‘I dos.’”

Funny Bridal Shower Quotes

He popped the question we're popping bottles!

“He popped the question, we’re popping bottles!”

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.”

“Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. After ten years, you need a club and a spade.”

“A toast to love, laughter, and happily ever after… and less laundry.”

“She got her rock, now let’s pop a cork!”

“Let’s taco ’bout love!”

“Buy her a shower, not just a bridal shower!”

“He stole her heart, so she’s stealing his last name.”

“Keep calm and say ‘I do’.”

“Before the Miss becomes a Mrs., let’s shower her with love and good wishes.”

“Here’s to love, laughter, and a manageable guest list.”

Bridal Shower Quotes For The Bride

Today a bride, tomorrow a wife forever our best friend.

“Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, forever our best friend.”

“The best is yet to come.”

“Dreams do come true. I found you.”

“Bride-to-be: glowing with love and excitement.”

“Today I found out the true meaning of the expression “blushing bride.”

“The road to Mrs. starts here.”

“May your wedding day be as magical as your shower party.”

“My BEST day ever includes you!”

“A beautiful bride, a beautiful life.”

“A sprinkle of wishes for the future Mrs.”

“So dam* happy to be here with all of the people I love and to share my last days as Miss.”

“A day to shower the bride with love.”

“Once upon a time, she said ‘Yes!’”

“Showered with love and sprinkled with blessings.”

“He’s marrying me, but he’s stuck with us!”

“Oh wow, look at me! Getting all married and Sh**.”

“Well, turns out… I like him more than I actually planned.”

Bridal Shower Quotes For Games

quotes for games

“Let the love games begin!”

“Love is a sweet game of ‘happily ever after’.”

“Guess who’s tying the knot? Let’s play and find out!”

“Love Bingo: Let’s see who gets a full heart first!”

“How many kisses for the Soon-to-Be Mrs.”

“Put a ring on it! But first, let’s play.”

“Who knows the bride best? Time for a fun test!”

“The newlywed game: Let the laughter begin!”

“Love is not a game, but this party is.”

Bridal Shower Food Quotes

quotes about food

“Love is sweet… and so is this treat.”

“A pinch of love in every bite.”

“Eat, drink, and be married.”

“Love is the best ingredient.”

“Sweet love, sweet treats.”

“A taste of love.”

“Indulge in love’s sweetness.”

“Savor the flavor of love.”

“Where there is great love, there are always great eats.”

“Cupcakes and kisses for the future Mrs.”

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