Bridal Shower Speech From the Mother of the Bride

Planning a bridal shower speech for your daughter? No pressure, right? Just have to nail the perfect balance of embarrassing childhood stories and heartfelt well-wishes in front of all her friends and soon-to-be in-laws. Piece of cake!

But seriously, as the mom, you’ve got a special connection that no one else has. You’ve seen her grow from a giggly little thing to the beautiful, strong woman she is today. This is your chance to let her know just how proud you are.

Where do you even start though? Maybe reminiscing about the time she tried to make breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day but ended up setting a dish towel on fire? Or gushing about how you knew she’d found The One when you saw the way he looks at her?

Take a deep breath, mama. I’ve got you covered with some tips and examples to make this bridal shower speech one for the books.

Your daughter’s getting married – it’s a huge milestone! Let’s make sure your words do it justice.

mother of the bride speech

Nailing Your Bridal Shower Speech as the Mother of the Bride

Every mom is one-of-a-kind, and the bond between a mother and daughter is totally special and unique. So when it comes to your speech, you’ll want to make it super personal – all about your relationship with your daughter and the incredible journey you’ve been on together.

But having a little structure can help too.

Here’s a general game plan to get those creative juices flowing as you’re putting your thoughts down:

The Intro

Ease into it by warmly welcoming the room – even if you want to break down crying from proud mom tears already.

  • A nice opener: “Hi everyone! I’m so glad you all could make it to celebrate my beautiful daughter [Bride’s name] today before she becomes a mrs.!”

Then, throw in a sweet personal story to connect with the audience and set the tone. Like:

  • “You know, just last week [Bride] texted me about picking out my mother-of-the-bride dress. ‘Please don’t upstage me, mom!’ she joked. Fat chance with how gorgeous she looks!”
  • “I’ll never forget the first time [Bride] mentioned getting married. She was 5, decked out in her Disney princess dress-up gown…”

Main Course: All About the Bride

Now it’s time to lay on the love about what an incredible person your daughter is:

  • “For those lucky enough to really know [Bride], you understand what a special soul she is. Always putting others first with her kind spirit…”
  • “But she’s also one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. Her quick wit and sense of humor can make any tough situation lighter…”

Sprinkle in a couple of heartwarming stories that give a window into her personality as a child/teenager:

  • That time she cared for “abandoned snails” in the backyard…
  • How she baked you a hideously lopsided cake for Mother’s Day in 3rd grade…
  • Her struggle overcoming [obstacle], and the inspirational way she persevered…

Shout Out to the Lucky Groom

Of course, you’ve gotta give the guy some love too!

  • “When I first met [Groom’s name], I knew he was a keeper just from the way he looked at my daughter like she hung the moon…”
  • “Their love for each other is the kind you can feel as soon as they walk into a room together…”

Share a sweet example of their relationship that melts your heart:

  • “Like when [Groom] surprised [Bride] by decorating their apartment with hundreds of string lights for her birthday, because she’s obsessed with ambient lighting…”
  • “Or how [Bride] packs his favorite snacks in his work lunch without fail, because that’s just the thoughtful person she is…”

Words of Wisdom Time

Before wrapping up, hit ’em with a little heartfelt advice about lasting love:

  • “The most important ingredients for a strong marriage are choosing to Love your spouse every day, not taking each other for granted, and keeping that friendship at the core…”
  • “Make sure to never stop DATING your husband/wife! Keep doing little things to woo each other…”
  • “Most of all, never let the romance fizzle out. Marriages need spontaneous adventures, new dreams to chase together…”

Raise a Glass!

Finish strong by raising your glass to the happy couple:

“So let’s all join together in toasting the next chapter of [Bride and Groom’s names]’s beautiful love story! To the bride and groom!”

Cue the awwws, applause and proud mama tears!

Pro Tip: For massive extra points, close out by reading or singing a few lines of a sentimental poem, song lyric, or religious passage that’s meaningful to you and your daughter. Guaranteed not a dry eye in the house!

Bridal Shower Speech From the Mother Examples

If you’re still feeling stuck on your mother of the bride speech, take a look at this fully written out toast – it might give you some great ideas to work with!

Balanced Example 1

Well, first of all – isn’t my daughter Monica just glowing today?! I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this amazing woman alongside her closest loved ones before she becomes a wife.

From the moment Monica came into the world, she was my strong-willed, fiercely independent little firecracker. She marched to the beat of her own drum from day one – whether it was demanding to pick out her own bold, mismatched outfits every morning or negotiating to stay up way past her bedtime.

Not much has changed as she’s grown into an ambitious career woman and trailblazer in her field of software engineering. Monica has never been one to back down from a challenge or let anything stand in the way of her goals.

So when she first told us about Anthony and how they had been friends for years before realizing their feelings, I was admittedly a bit skeptical. Could this guy really be the partner she needed to balance her intense drive and unconventional approach to life?

Boy, was I wrong! Anthony adores Monica for her individualistic spirit and brilliant mind. And in turn, she has helped him come out of his shy shell to become more confident in himself.

They have a dynamic like no other – where Anthony calmly grounds Monica with his steady, reassuring presence. While Monica energizes Anthony to chase his own dreams and embrace spontaneity more.

Like the time Monica impulsively decided they should go skydiving, and after some initial hesitation, Anthony was the first one strapped and ready to jump out of that plane. Or when Monica worked 72 hours straight through a big work deadline, Anthony set up a pampering at-home spa night to help her decompress.

Monica and Anthony, your ability to bring out the very best in one another and enhance each other’s happiness is truly inspiring. I wish you both a fearless, thrilling lifetime of growth and new adventures together as partners. Cheers to the wild lovebirds!

Balanced Example 2

What a gorgeous gathering of Amanda’s nearest and dearest! I’m so grateful to see all of your shining faces support my sweet daughter today as we celebrate the final countdown to her dream wedding.

From the time Amanda could talk, she’s had a gift for bringing people together with her warmth and charisma. As a little girl, she was always the ringleader organizing the neighbor kids to put on talent shows or start lemonade stand businesses.

Not much has changed – she’s grown up to be the kind of woman who can instantly make friends anywhere she goes. Her ability to make everyone feel welcomed, heard and valued is something I’ve always admired.

So it came as no surprise to me when she first introduced Luke to our family that she had fallen for a fellow social butterfly. His bigger-than-life personality and gift for storytelling had the whole room in stitches within five minutes!

What did surprise me, though, was the ease and deep emotional connection Luke and Amanda share. There’s a beautiful gentleness to their relationship that grounds their fun-loving, bubbly personalities.

Like the time I caught Luke rubbing Amanda’s shoulders after a stressful week of work and just listening to her vent without a word, giving her the comfort she needed. Or how tenderly he’ll brush a stray hair from her face and make her blush like a smitten teenager all over again.

To the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. – your energies and spirits compliment each other so perfectly. I wish you both a lifetime of adventures and beautiful moments like these that continue deepening your devotion. Let your home be filled with more love and laughter than your hearts can hold.

Balanced Example 3

Hello everyone, and thank you all for being here today to celebrate my daughter Jessica before her big day.

When Jess was just a little girl, she always dreamed of being a bride. I remember her prancing around the living room in an old pillowcase she pretended was a wedding veil. Flash forward over 20 years later, and that little girl’s dream is finally coming true!

Jessica has always been such a kindhearted, nurturing soul – probably because she had years of practice caring for all her stuffed animal “babies.” She’s the type of person who goes out of her way to make others feel special and valued. Her generosity of spirit is one of the many reasons she’s so loved by her friends and our whole family.

When she first brought Michael home to meet us, I could immediately see why she had fallen for him. His warm smile, caring nature, and hilarious sense of humor were the perfect complement to Jessica’s compassionate, bubbly personality. They simply light up when they’re together.

Like the time Michael surprised Jess by filling their apartment with sunflowers for her birthday since they’re her favorite. Or how he patiently hobbled around on one foot for weeks after spraining his ankle, just to keep taking her dog out for walks since she worked such long hours. Their love language is constant thoughtfulness toward each other.

To the happy couple – may your journey ahead be filled with more love, laughter and beautiful memories than this world can hold. Always nurture that bond of partnership, respect and friendship a

Funny Example 1

Well, well, well – doesn’t my baby girl Emily clean up nicely? Though I still remember the barefoot playground princess who was always rocking mullet hairdo and grass-stained overalls!

In all seriousness, Emily has been keeping me on my toes and laughing every single day since the moment she was born. This kid busted out of the womb with a boisterous personality and wicked sense of humor.

Like the time she was 4 and introduced me to her new best friend…a talking stick figure she had drawn on the wall. Or when she managed to adopt a nest of baby bunnies as illegal pets without me knowing until they were teenagers! Parenting Emily was a true adventure.

Honestly, I’m not surprised in the slightest that my mischievous little comedian landed a real-life Class Clown as a husband. The first time Emily brought Josh home to meet us, I knew these two troublemakers would be unstoppable partners in crime.

Within 10 minutes, Josh had me and Emily’s dad doubled over laughing with his impersonations. And of course, Emily had to try and one-up him by sticking straws up her nose and crossing her eyes. Their laughter is infectious!

To this day, these two are an absolute riot to be around. Like that time Josh filled Emily’s entire office with thousands of those tiny novelty umbrellas you get in drinks. Or when Emily got him back by saran wrapping his entire car.

Emily and Josh, may your life together be a perfectly chaotic, beautiful mess filled with endless laughter, hijinks and irreverent inside jokes. And for the love of God, please let me re-live my youth through any grandkids before I’m too old to join the circus!

Funny Example 2

Wow, what a talented crowd of stars we have here today! And I’m not just talking about the bride-to-be dazzling us in that gorgeous white dress.

How many of you know about my Marissa’s showbiz background growing up? That’s right – my sweet little marshmallow was basically a child pageant queen by age 4! Rocking rhinestone costumes and a higher spritzed hairdo than Dolly Parton.

Every Saturday, she’d plaster on her best Milano smile, wow the judges with her vocal talents like a tiny Barbra Streisand, then promptly drop the act and run amok backstage. Marissa could never be tamed!

So of course it made perfect sense when she crushed it as the lead in her high school musical productions, before ultimately pursuing the theater life in college. My little drama queen was living her dream!

That’s where she first met her now fiancé and swept him off his feet – literally. You see, during their college’s production of Beauty & the Beast, Marissa accidentally drop-kicked poor Caleb right in the groin when she nailed her big twirl too hard. He was a goner from that moment on!

These days, my daughter has dialed back the theatrics…slightly. But her and Caleb’s chemistry is still off-the-charts bonkers to witness. Like professional wrestlers flinging improvised insults and bad accents at each other while making dinner.

To the soon-to-be newlyweds – may your marriage be a wild, spontaneous, over-the-top romcom that keeps you both endlessly swooning, roaring with gut-busting laughter, and at each other’s throat in the most hilarious way. Life is the true show, Marissa and Caleb!

Funny Example 3

Look around this room, everyone! We’re surrounded by the people who have helped shape my daughter Jessica into the beautiful hot mess she is today. And I mean that in the most loving way possible!

From birth, Jessica was one of those kids who did everything bass-ackwards. Like waiting until she was 3 to finally start walking properly instead of her signature drunken baby penguin waddle. Or the time she wore not one, but TWO retainers in her mouth at the same time. Bless her quirky heart!

Luckily for us all, Jessica had a built-in partner in crime from an early age. I’m talking about her goofy, equally zany husband-to-be Carter! When these two first met in high school, it was like the planets had finally aligned and the ultimate duo of delightfully awkward energy was formed.

To this day, they still move through life with the coordination and grace of newborn baby deer. Like the time Carter accidentally head-butted Jessica square in the nose while trying to dip her during their dance lessons. Or when Jessica broke her foot by drunkenly falling into a mall fountain on a dare…from Carter.

But that’s just how they roll – partners for life in organized chaos and laughter. To Carter and Jessica – the two weirdos who were absolutely destined to unite and create the next generation of beautiful mutant offspring. May your marriage be a wonderfully messy, goofy, off-the-wallkinda love that keeps making the rest of us laugh until our sides split. You’re both forever our favorite hot messes!

Emotional Example 1

As mothers, we all dream of the day we’ll get to celebrate our daughter’s love story unfolding before our eyes. For me, that dream is coming true as I look around at this room full of loved ones showering my sweet Emily with joy before her big day.

From the moment she came into this world, Emily has embodied pure sunshine and bright spirits. Those sparkling green eyes and infectious smile grabbed my heart instantly. And over the years, that brilliant light inside has never dimmed.

No matter what obstacles or disappointments came her way, Emily always radiated resilience, grace and a luminous sense of optimism. She had this magical ability to find reasons for hope in the darkest of moments and remind me not to take life too seriously.

Like the way she’d make us all laugh until we cried with her wacky impersonations of our grumpy old neighbor after a stressful day. Or how she turned her struggles with bullying into raising awareness so other kids wouldn’t suffer alone. My daughter became living proof that the world could always use more kindness and light.

That’s part of what made me so sure Daniel was her soulmate from the very first time they met. His quiet steadiness, patience and reassuring presence are the ideal grounding counterpart to Emily’s dazzling energy and empathy for the world.

To my Emily and Daniel – your blossoming life partnership is built on the unshakeable foundation of loyalty, mutual understanding, and abundant capacity for nurturing each other’s spirits through anything. May your love story burn eternally brilliant as a reminder of the power in choosing light over darkness.

Emotional Example 2

Wow, what an incredibly special group of loved ones we have here today celebrating the brilliant, one-of-a-kind spirit that is my daughter Morgan before her wedding day.

From birth, Morgan shattered all expectations of what a little girl was “supposed” to be like. While most babies cried, she observed the world with an intense, studious joy and curiosity. While other girls played princess, Morgan was dismantling electronics and building experimental robots from spare parts.

That fierce uniqueness and trailblazing mentality only continued intensifying as she grew. While her peers chased stereotypical popularity, Morgan fearlessly marched to the beat of her own passionate dreams. She fought hard to be taken seriously in her pursuit of a career in computer engineering, undeterred by all societal pressures.

Through every obstacle and uphill battle, Morgan’s relentless work ethic, optimism and confidence in herself never once wavered. She was a ferocious force to be reckoned with – whether working tirelessly on her award-winning robotics team designs or patching the neighborhood kids up after their latest reckless invention failed spectacularly. There simply wasn’t anything she wouldn’t put her brilliant mind toward mastering.

And then she met Mason, the long-haired goof who managed to melt away her ultra-focused intensity and make Morgan laugh until her sides split from the very first time they met.

In Mason, Morgan found the ying to her yang – his laid-back, playful spirit was the perfect counterbalance to her fiery ambition and genius-level mind. He reminds her to stay curious about the simple joys in life and that it’s okay to be a little weird sometimes.

These two have built an equal partnership of mutual respect, admiration and bringing out the very best in one another every single day. They are the ultimate power couple.

To Morgan and Mason – your unorthodox union at the beautiful intersection of logic and whimsy is a brilliant reminder to never dull your own colors and to embrace your quirks. I can’t wait to see the incredible mark you’ll leave on this world together through both your professional endeavors and the shining example of your unique love. The future is yours.

Emotional Example 3

To my dearest daughter Sophia, the day you were born was the first time I felt what true, unconditional love really means. From that very moment, holding you in my arms, I made a promise to love, nurture and protect you fiercely for the rest of our lives.

As I look out at all the shining faces here today, I’m reminded of the loving village that has surrounded and supported Sophia every step of her journey. We’ve watched this kindhearted, old soul blossom into an extraordinary young woman before our very eyes.

Even from a young age, Sophia emanated a gentle spirit, empathetic wisdom and thoughtful nature far beyond her years. She had a way of naturally looking out for others and trying to mend any hurt around her. Like the time she spent weeks teaching her younger brother how to read because she couldn’t bear him struggling.

Her huge heart and resilience were tested in high school when she faced health issues that threatened to sideline her dreams. But Sophia tackled it all with incredible courage and grace that made me swell with pride. She’s the strongest person I know.

So of course, it made perfect sense when she first brought Ethan home that this caring, driven soul had found her perfect partner. His steady presence, keen intelligence and endless admiration for Sophia create a profoundly grounded yet passionate union.

They’ve already created such a beautiful legacy together through their charity achievements before even getting married. I have no doubt their compassion will ripple out to make the world an immeasurably better place.

To Sophia and Ethan, your shining example of love and service to others is an inspiration to us all. May your marriage be an unbreakable foundation that allows you to keep pouring more kindness and wisdom back into this world. We love you endlessly.

Bridal Shower Speech From the Mother of the Bride FAQs

How long should the speech last?

Aim for the speech to be 3-5 minutes long. Any shorter may feel too brief, and much longer risks losing the audience’s attention. A concise but heartfelt 3-5 minute speech is the sweet spot.

What are some topics to avoid in the speech?

Avoid any controversial topics like politics or religion that could potentially offend or make guests uncomfortable. Steer clear of inside jokes only a few people would understand. And avoid overemphasis on past relationships/exes.

What should I do if I get emotional during the speech?

If you get choked up with emotion, that’s okay – it shows how much you love the bride! Pause, take a sip of water, and collect yourself before continuing. The guests will understand it comes from the heart.