Bridal Shower Speech: Ideas and Examples

As the wedding day countdown begins, offering words of encouragement to the bride becomes increasingly important. Engagement parties and bridal showers are perfect for this.

But how do you encapsulate such a significant occasion in words? What can you say to honor the bride-to-be and make her day truly memorable?

In this article, we explore the art of creating the perfect bridal shower speech. From heartfelt openings to touching stories, our comprehensive guide helps you express your love and best wishes with elegance and authenticity.

You’ll get the motivation and direction you need to write the ideal speech, regardless of your role – maid of honor, mother of the bride, or even the bride’s sister.

Bridal Shower Speech

Bridal Shower Speech Format

Let’s dive straight into the key points of our discussion. Below, you’ll find a structured outline, complete with examples, to assist you in crafting your bridal shower speech. As we proceed, we’ll also tackle some additional questions.


Begin by introducing yourself. Mention your name and your relationship to the bride.

  • Example 1: “Hello everyone, I’m [Your Name], and I have the pleasure of being [Bride’s] childhood friend.”
  • Example 2: “Good afternoon! I’m [Your Name], [Bride’s] college roommate and fellow adventure-seeker.”
  • Example 3: “Hi there, I’m [Your Name]. I’ve had the joy of being [Bride’s] co-worker and best friend for the past five years.”

Say How You Know the Bride

Share a brief story or anecdote about how you met the bride or your journey together. This adds a personal touch.

  • Example 1: “I met [Bride] back in high school during art class, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”
  • Example 2: “Our friendship began in the most unexpected way during a yoga retreat five years ago.”
  • Example 3: “[Bride] and I bonded over our mutual love for volunteering at the animal shelter, and it’s been a beautiful journey of friendship since then.”

Share Fond Memories

Recall a few cherished memories or funny stories that highlight the bride’s personality or your friendship.

  • Example 1: “Remember the time when [Bride] and I tried to bake cookies for the first time and ended up with a kitchen disaster? That day, we learned that laughter is the sweetest ingredient.”
  • Example 2: “There was this hilarious incident on our road trip when [Bride] confidently sang the wrong lyrics to every song, and we just couldn’t stop laughing.”
  • Example 3: “One of my fondest memories is when [Bride] organized a surprise birthday party for me, turning a simple day into something extraordinary.”

Discuss the Bride’s Growth and Achievements

Talk about the bride’s growth, achievements, or positive changes you’ve witnessed over the years.

  • Example 1: “[Bride] has always been a source of inspiration, from her incredible work ethic to her kind heart.”
  • Example 2: “Watching [Bride] grow into a successful entrepreneur has been nothing short of amazing. She turns every challenge into an opportunity.”
  • Example 3: “The compassion and strength [Bride] has shown, especially in tough times, is truly admirable.”

Mention the Groom (If Appropriate)

If you know the groom well, share your thoughts about him and their relationship.

  • Example 1: “When [Bride] introduced us to [Groom], I knew she had found someone truly special. Their love for each other is evident in every smile and shared glance.”
  • Example 2: “[Groom] complements [Bride] in every way possible. His patience and humor are the perfect match for her vibrant personality.”
  • Example 3: “It’s beautiful to see how [Groom] supports [Bride]’s dreams. Together, they make an unstoppable team.”

Express Good Wishes for the Couple

Offer your best wishes for their future together. This could be in the form of advice, blessings, or hopes.

  • Example 1: “As you embark on this beautiful journey together, may your days be filled with love, laughter, and endless joy.”
  • Example 2: “I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, adventures, and moments that turn into cherished memories.”
  • Example 3: “May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing day, filled with understanding and mutual respect.”

Conclude with a Toast

End your speech by raising a glass for a toast to the bride (and groom, if mentioned).

  • Example 1: “So, let’s raise our glasses to [Bride] – for her happiness today, tomorrow, and always. Cheers!”
  • Example 2: “Here’s to [Bride] and the wonderful journey that lies ahead. To love, laughter, and happily ever after!”
  • Example 3: “To [Bride], a remarkable woman who brings joy to everyone around her. May your future be as bright as your smile. Cheers!”

Thank Everyone for Coming

Acknowledge and thank the guests for being part of this special day.

  • Example 1: “Thank you, everyone, for being here today to celebrate [Bride]. Your presence makes this day even more memorable.”
  • Example 2: “I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for joining us in celebrating [Bride]’s special day. Your love and support mean everything.”
  • Example 3: “Each of you has played a part in [Bride]’s life, and seeing you all here today is a testament to the incredible person she is. Thank you for being part of this joyous occasion.”

Who Should Consider Making Speech at a Bridal Shower?

Maid of Honor or Best Friend

The Maid of Honor or the bride’s best friend is often the most obvious choice for giving a speech. They usually have a deep connection with the bride and can share personal stories and insights.

Mother of the Bride

The bride’s mother can offer a unique perspective, sharing heartfelt sentiments about her daughter’s journey and her feelings about the upcoming marriage.

Sisters or Siblings of the Bride

Sisters or other siblings of the bride often have a lifetime of shared experiences and memories that can make for a touching and humorous speech.

Mother of the Groom

If the mother of the groom is attending the bridal shower, she may also wish to speak. Her perspective can be particularly poignant as she welcomes the bride into her family.


Individual bridesmaids may wish to say a few words, especially if they have a strong connection with the bride or a special story to share.

The Bride Herself

Sometimes, the bride may choose to give a speech to express her gratitude towards her guests, her family, and her bridal party.

FAQs on Bridal Shower Speech

In this section, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding bridal shower speech.

1. What Is the Typical Length for a Bridal Shower Speech?

The ideal length for a bridal shower speech is typically between 3 to 5 minutes. This duration is long enough to convey heartfelt sentiments and share a couple of meaningful stories or anecdotes, yet short enough to keep the audience engaged.

Remember, the key is to be concise but impactful. If multiple people are speaking, it’s especially important to keep each speech brief to respect the time of all guests and maintain the flow of the event.

2. What Should You Avoid Saying in a Bridal Shower Speech?

When delivering a bridal shower speech, there are several things you should avoid:

  • Negative or Sensitive Topics: Steer clear of bringing up past relationships, controversial subjects, or any personal issues of the bride or groom.
  • Inappropriate Jokes: Avoid jokes that might be offensive or too risqué for the audience. You should also avoid internal jokes that other guests may not get.
  • Overly Personal Stories: While personal anecdotes are great, avoid stories that are too private or might embarrass the bride.
  • Long-Winded Stories: Keep stories and anecdotes brief to maintain the audience’s attention.
  • Dominating the Time: If there are multiple speakers, be mindful of your speech length to allow everyone a chance to speak.

3. When Should You Make a Bridal Shower Speech?

The timing of the speech can vary depending on the format of the bridal shower. However, it’s typically best to give speeches:

  • After Guests Have Settled In: Once everyone has arrived and had a chance to mingle and enjoy some refreshments.
  • Before Opening Gifts: It’s a common practice to have speeches before the bride opens her gifts, as this can create a nice transition into that part of the event.
  • During a Meal or After Dessert: If there’s a meal involved, speeches can be made either at the beginning of the meal or after everyone has finished eating, particularly after dessert.