Maid of Honor Duties Checklist: 12 Months Timeline

The role of maid of honor is not just an honor role, but a journey of joy, responsibility, and deep involvement in one of the most significant days of the bride’s life. You’ve been chosen not just for your close relationship with the bride, but for your ability to provide support, organization, and a touch of fun throughout the wedding planning process and on the big day itself.

From the early stages of engagement celebrations to the final moments of the wedding reception, your role is multifaceted. It’s about more than just coordinating the bridal shower and bachelorette party or managing the bridesmaids. As the bride’s confidante, planner, and cheerleader, you’ll be involved in aspects of the wedding that span the emotional, logistical, and practical.

If you’re feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness about what exactly this role entails, worry not. To guide you through this beautiful journey, here’s a comprehensive checklist of maid of honor duties, broken down into a 12-month timeline. This will help you stay organized, proactive, and, most importantly, enjoy this special experience alongside the bride.

Maid of Honor Duties: 10 to 12 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Engagement Celebration: Help plan and attend any engagement party.
  2. Wedding Planning Support: Start assisting the bride with wedding planning, including venue visits and vendor selection.
  3. Bridal Party Coordination: Begin getting to know the other bridesmaids and establish communication.
  4. Wedding Dress Shopping: Accompany the bride to bridal gown appointments and fittings.
  5. Initial Planning for Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower: Start brainstorming ideas and dates.

Maid of Honor Duties: 4 to 6 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Bridal Shower Planning: Finalize the date and start planning the bridal shower in detail.
  2. Bachelorette Party Planning: Set a date and begin organizing the bachelorette party.
  3. Dress Fittings: Attend dress fittings with the bride and coordinate bridesmaids’ dress selections.
  4. Wedding Details: Assist with choosing wedding decor, invitations, and other details.
  5. Travel and Accommodation Coordination: Help coordinate travel and accommodation for bridesmaids.

Maid of Honor Duties: 3 to 4 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Bridal Shower Invitations: Send out bridal shower invitations.
  2. Registry Reminder: Remind the bride to update or complete her wedding registry.
  3. Wedding Attire Finalization: Ensure all bridesmaids have their dresses and accessories.
  4. Check-in with Vendors: Assist the bride in following up with vendors as needed.

Maid of Honor Responsibilities: 2 to 3 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Bridal Shower Execution: Host and oversee the bridal shower.
  2. Bachelorette Party Finalization: Finalize all bachelorette party plans.
  3. Speech Preparation: Start writing your maid of honor speech.
  4. Day-of Timeline: Discuss the wedding day timeline with the bride and coordinate with the wedding planner.

Maid of Honor Responsibilities: 1 to 2 Months Before the Wedding

  1. Bachelorette Party: Host and ensure the success of the bachelorette party.
  2. Final Dress Fitting: Accompany the bride to her final dress fitting.
  3. Speech Rehearsal: Practice your speech and get feedback.
  4. Final Check on Bridesmaids: Make sure all bridesmaids are prepared with their outfits and know their duties.

Maid of Honor Roles: 2 to 3 Weeks Before the Wedding

  1. Final Coordination: Confirm all last-minute details with vendors and the wedding party.
  2. Emergency Kit: Prepare a bridal emergency kit (including items like safety pins, makeup, and snacks).
  3. Rehearsal Dinner: Assist with the rehearsal dinner planning and attend it.
  4. Support and Reassurance: Provide emotional support to the bride as the big day approaches.

Maid of Honor Roles: Week of the Wedding

  1. Last-Minute Tasks: Handle any last-minute errands or tasks for the bride.
  2. Ceremony Rehearsal: Participate in the wedding rehearsal and provide guidance to bridesmaids.
  3. Wedding Day Coordination: Help the bride get ready, coordinate with vendors, and ensure the bridesmaids are on schedule.
  4. Speech Delivery: Deliver your maid of honor speech at the reception.
  5. Party Participation: Be an active participant in the wedding party, encouraging guests to dance and celebrate.
  6. Post-Wedding Assistance: Assist with post-wedding tasks like dress preservation or returning borrowed items.

Maid of Honor Roles: The Day of the Wedding

  1. Morning Support: Be there for the bride first thing in the morning, offering emotional support and ensuring she has a good breakfast.
  2. Bridal Prep Assistance: Help the bride with getting dressed, makeup, and hair styling, ensuring she feels beautiful and relaxed.
  3. Timekeeper: Keep an eye on the time to ensure the bride and bridal party are on schedule for the ceremony.
  4. Point of Contact: Act as a liaison between the bride and vendors or wedding planners to handle any last-minute details or issues.
  5. Ceremony Assistance: Hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, take care of the groom’s ring, and help with the bride’s train and veil.
  6. Photography Coordination: Assist in gathering people for wedding photos and ensure the bride looks perfect in each shot.
  7. Reception Duties: Help the bride navigate the reception, from making sure she eats to assisting with her dress during bathroom breaks.
  8. Dance Floor Leadership: Encourage guests to dance and participate in reception activities.
  9. Gift and Personal Item Safekeeping: Keep track of any gifts or personal items that belong to the bride and groom during the reception.
  10. End of Night Responsibilities: Assist in any end-of-night tasks such as making sure the bride and groom’s personal belongings are gathered and safely sent to their hotel or home.