Perfect Your Wedding Hairstyle with 5 Simple Do’s and Don’ts

Alright, let’s talk wedding hair. Your big day is coming up and you want everything to be just right, especially your hairstyle. It’s gotta hold up from the first photo to the last dance, right? So, here’s the scoop on how to make sure your locks look bomb without any drama. We’ll walk you through the dos and don’ts so your hair is on point and you can focus on the fun stuff, like saying ‘I do’ and eating cake. With these tips, your hair is gonna be as happy as you are when you’re finally hitched!

Wedding Hair Do’s and Don’ts

5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Wedding Hair


Alright, let’s jump into the good stuff first – the dos. These five tips are gonna be your best friends when it comes to getting your hair just right for your wedding. We’re talking trials, comfort, and some pro advice to keep you looking fab from the first photo to the last dance. Let’s get to it!

  • Have a Trial Run

Having a trial run is vital. It’s an opportunity to work with your stylist to test out the envisioned hairstyle and see how it holds up over several hours. It’s the time to experiment with different looks that you’ve been considering. A trial run can also reveal how your hair reacts to certain products or styling methods, and whether any tweaks are needed to achieve the desired outcome. Furthermore, it allows you to photograph the hairstyle from different angles to see how it will look in your wedding pictures. This proactive approach helps to alleviate stress, ensuring that on your wedding day, your hair is one less thing to worry about.

  • Accessorize

Accessories can turn a simple hairstyle into something truly special and unique. Whether it’s a vintage veil, a floral crown, or a sparkling barrette, these pieces should be chosen to complement both the hairstyle and the overall theme of the wedding. Accessories can also be used to incorporate sentimental items, like family heirlooms, into your look. However, it’s crucial to not let the accessories overwhelm your hairstyle or look out of place. It’s about finding the right balance where the accessories and hairstyle enhance each other.

Bride floral crown
  • Consider the Dress

The wedding dress is the centerpiece of a bride’s appearance, and the hairstyle should act as a beautiful frame to it. When considering hairstyles, think about the neckline, back design, and overall style of the dress. For instance, if the dress has an intricate back, you might want to opt for an updo to show it off. Similarly, a vintage dress might pair well with classic waves or a chignon. The key is harmony; the hair and dress should complement each other, not compete for attention.

  • Comfort is important

Your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint. While it’s natural to want a hairstyle that looks stunning, it’s equally important that it feels comfortable. An overly tight updo might cause a headache, while loose styles could fall and require constant attention. Consider your hair’s natural texture and how it behaves over time. Inform your stylist about any sensitivities or usual discomforts you experience with certain styles. Your comfort will also reflect in your confidence and enjoyment throughout the day.

  • Hire a Professional

Investing in a professional hairstylist can make a significant difference. Professionals not only bring their expertise to creating a hairstyle that’s beautiful from every angle, but they also know how to secure hairstyles in a way that they last throughout the day. They come prepared to tackle hair emergencies and have the tools and products needed to adjust to any unexpected changes, whether it’s the weather or the fit of a hairpiece. A professional stylist can provide peace of mind, knowing that your hair is in expert hands.

Bride getting prepared by stylist


Now for the don’ts – these are the no-nos that you’ll want to avoid to dodge any hair disasters. I’ve got five of them for you, and they’re all about making sure your hair stays looking great without any last-minute panics. Keep these in mind and you’ll be all set for a smooth, no-fuss kind of day. Let’s check them out!

Making Radical Changes

It’s generally not advisable to make bold changes like a significant hair cut or a completely new hair color right before your wedding. Such changes can lead to regret if they don’t turn out as expected, and there’s limited time to correct them. Your wedding day isn’t the ideal time for experimentation. Instead, aim for a hair color or style that you know you feel confident and beautiful in, and which reflects your true self. If you’re eager for a change, plan it well in advance, so you have time to get used to it and ensure it’s exactly what you want.

Overuse of products 

Hair products are essential for achieving certain styles, but overusing them can lead to a look that’s stiff, heavy, and unnatural. Excessive use of products like hairspray, gel, or mousse can also make your hair look greasy or clumped together. It’s important to use the right amount of product to maintain a hairstyle that moves naturally and looks vibrant in photos. A professional hairstylist will know the perfect balance to achieve the hold and look you need without overdoing it.

Ignoring the Weather 

The weather can be a hairdo’s biggest adversary. High humidity can cause frizz, while wind can quickly dismantle an intricate style. When planning your hairstyle, take into account the climate of your wedding location. For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding, consider a style that’s more relaxed and can work with the breeze, not against it. For humid climates, a neat updo or braids can help to keep your hair controlled and beautiful throughout the day.

Sad bride with frizz hair

Going too trendy

Trendy hairstyles can be fun, but they may not stand the test of time. When you look back at your wedding photos years from now, you’ll want a timeless look that still feels elegant and stylish. Opting for a classic hairstyle ensures that your wedding look remains as beautiful and relevant in the future as it does today. Think of styles that have stood the test of time and consult with your stylist to find a look that is both contemporary and timeless.

Neglecting Hair Health

In the months leading up to your wedding, it’s important to maintain a healthy hair care routine. Neglecting the health of your hair can lead to lackluster locks on your big day. Regular trims, deep conditioning treatments, and protecting your hair from heat damage are all crucial steps. Consider also your diet and how it affects hair health, ensuring you’re getting plenty of nutrients to promote strong, shiny hair. Healthy hair will look much better, style more easily, and hold the style longer, no matter which look you choose for your wedding.


This was our guide to the top dos and don’ts for your wedding hair. Remember, the key is to feel like yourself, only a bit more polished and ready for one of the biggest moments of your life. Stick to these tips to keep your hair in check and focus on what truly matters – making incredible memories that you’ll cherish forever. With a little prep and some hair savvy, you’ll not only say ‘I do’ but you’ll do so with style and grace. Now, go ahead and rock that aisle with confidence and a stunning hairdo that’s as flawless as your love story!