Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles, Types, and Shapes

Picking a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. But with so many styles out there, it can also be a bit overwhelming.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to break it down for you. From the classic ball gown to the sleek sheath dress, we’ll explore the different types of wedding dress styles and who they might suit best.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a wedding enthusiast, or just curious, there’s something here for everyone. So, let’s get started and find out more about these beautiful dresses!

Wedding Dress Styles, Types, and Shapes

Let’s take a look at the different types of wedding dress shapes you’ll see out there. We’ve got the A-Line, which is really popular and goes with almost anything, the Ball Gown that makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale, and the Mermaid style that fits snugly and shows off your curves.

There’s also the Sheath dress, which is simple and straight, the Empire Waist with its high waistline, the fun and shorter Tea-Length dress, and the Trumpet style that flares out at the bottom.

Each style has its own way of making you look great and can fit into different kinds of weddings. Up next, we’ll go into each of these styles one by one to help you figure out which one might be just right for your big day.

A-Line Wedding Dress

This style is fitted at the hips and gradually flares out from the waist, resembling the letter ‘A’. It’s a very popular choice as it suits most body types.

The A-line wedding dress elegantly highlights the waistline, creating a harmonious balance between the bust and hips. Its universally flattering design makes it an excellent option for brides seeking a classic and timeless look.

Empire Waist Wedding Dress

Characterized by a raised waistline that sits just below the bust, from which the rest of the dress flows down to the hem. This style can emphasize the bust while deemphasizing the waist and hips.

While the Empire waist dress shares some similarities with an A-line dress, its main difference is in the skirt. Unlike the A-line which flares out from the waist, the Empire waist dress falls naturally and directly from the bust line without the flare, creating a straighter silhouette.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

The Mermaid style dress is tightly fitted from the chest to the knee, then flares out dramatically, resembling a mermaid’s tail. It’s great for accentuating curves, offering a glamorous and dramatic look.

While it’s especially flattering for hourglass figures, it’s a bit restrictive for movement. This style comes in various designs, from different necklines to embellishments, making it a popular choice for brides seeking a standout, elegant gown.

Trumpet/Fit and Flare Wedding Dress

A Trumpet-style dress is fitted through the bust, waist, and hips, then flares out from mid-thigh, resembling a trumpet’s bell. It’s a stylish choice for highlighting curves while offering more mobility than a Mermaid-style dress.

This silhouette is versatile, suitable for various body types, and adds a touch of elegance and drama to a bride’s look.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A Ball Gown wedding dress features a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt, resembling a fairy-tale princess style. It’s ideal for most body types, especially flattering for those who want to accentuate their waist.

This classic and elegant style is perfect for a traditional wedding and adds a touch of grandeur and romance to the bridal look.

Sheath or Column Wedding Dress

A Sheath or Column wedding dress has a straight, narrow shape that flows smoothly from the neckline to the hem. Ideal for lean frames and petite brides, it creates an elongated, elegant look.

This wedding dress style is perfect for a sleek, modern wedding, offering simplicity and sophistication in its form-fitting design.

Tea-Length Wedding Dress

A Tea-Length wedding dress is characterized by its hem, which falls between the knee and ankle, around mid-calf. It’s a charming and less formal style, perfect for vintage-themed, outdoor, or casual weddings.

This dress is a great choice for brides looking for comfort, ease of movement, and a playful, retro look.

Jumpsuit Wedding Dress

A Jumpsuit wedding dress offers a modern, chic alternative to traditional gowns. It features trousers instead of a skirt, combining elegance with practicality and comfort.

Perfect for a contemporary, unconventional wedding, this style suits brides seeking a unique, fashion-forward look while maintaining sophistication and ease of movement.


And there you have it – a quick tour of all the different kinds of wedding dresses out there. From the fancy Ball Gown to the cool Jumpsuit style, there’s a dress for every kind of bride.

But hey, the best dress for you is the one that makes you feel awesome. It’s all about what you love and what makes you feel great on your big day. So, have fun trying on different styles.

Go for what feels right for you, and don’t worry too much about the rest. After all, your wedding day is all about celebrating your own unique love story, and your dress is just one part of that amazing day.