35 Wedding Games to Add Fun and Laughter to Your Special Day

Weddings are a blend of love, celebration, and unforgettable moments. Now, imagine adding an extra layer of fun that gets everyone, from your little nephew to your great aunt, laughing and playing together.

Welcome to our article on wedding games!

These aren’t just activities; they’re icebreakers, conversation starters, and memory makers. Let’s explore these engaging games that will transform your celebration into an event that’s talked about for years to come.

Wedding Lawn Games

lawn games
  1. Giant Jenga

Imagine your favorite childhood game, but supersized. That’s Giant Jenga. It’s simple: build a tower with large wooden blocks, then take turns removing one block at a time. The goal? Don’t let the tower fall.

Why is it so much fun? Firstly, it’s easy. Anyone can play, regardless of age or skill. Plus, the larger blocks add an unexpected twist to the familiar game. The suspense builds with each move. Will the tower tumble? It’s a thrilling challenge.

Setting it up is a breeze. All you need is a flat surface. Grass, patio, or even a dance floor works. The game naturally draws a crowd, creating an instant focal point at your wedding.

Giant Jenga also sparks conversation. It’s not just a game; it’s a social experience. Guests laugh, cheer, and maybe even hold their breath together. It’s a fantastic icebreaker, especially when people are meeting for the first time.

Lastly, it’s a great photo opportunity. Imagine capturing the moment right before the tower crashes. Pure joy, surprise, and excitement – perfect for your wedding album.

  1. Cornhole

Cornhole is a staple at outdoor events, and it’s perfect for weddings. It involves throwing bean bags at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. The aim? Get your bean bag through the hole or as close as possible.

What makes Cornhole great? It’s inclusive. Anyone, from kids to grandparents, can join in. There’s no need for special skills, making it enjoyable for all your guests.

Setting up is simple. Place two cornhole boards opposite each other on a flat surface, like grass or sand. Teams or individuals take turns tossing bean bags. It’s competitive but friendly, adding a light-hearted element to your wedding.

Cornhole encourages mingling. It’s a social game, perfect for guests to chat and laugh as they play. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to fill in time between wedding activities.

The game is also customizable. Match the boards and bags to your wedding theme for a personal touch.

  1. Ring Toss

Ring Toss is a classic game that’s a hit at weddings. It involves throwing rings at a set of pegs or bottles, aiming to loop them over the targets. Simple, yet incredibly engaging.

Why does it stand out? It’s universally appealing. The rules are straightforward, making it accessible to guests of all ages. It’s a game that doesn’t demand athleticism, just a steady hand and good aim.

You can use any open space and it doesn’t require much equipment. The game can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Use decorated bottles or fancy pegs to align with your wedding theme.

The beauty of Ring Toss lies in its ability to bring people together. It sparks friendly competition and laughter. Guests can challenge each other, creating an interactive and lively atmosphere.

  1. Lawn Bowling

Lawn Bowling brings a unique charm to your wedding festivities. It involves rolling slightly asymmetrical balls, aiming to get them closest to a smaller ball, the “jack.” The twist? The balls curve as they slow down, adding a fun challenge.

What makes Lawn Bowling a great choice? It’s a bit different. Not as common as other lawn games, it offers a novel experience for your guests. It’s engaging, requiring a blend of skill and strategy, which can be quite addictive!

All you need is a flat stretch of grass. The game is played in lanes, making it easy to organize multiple games simultaneously. This setup keeps the game flowing and allows more guests to participate.

Lawn Bowling is a fantastic social game. It encourages teamwork and conversation, making it perfect for guests to bond and enjoy some friendly competition. It’s also a great spectator sport, with onlookers often cheering and giving advice.

  1. Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a classic game that adds a traditional and rustic feel to your wedding. The game involves players tossing horseshoes at stakes in the ground, aiming to ring them or land as close as possible.

Why is it a hit? It’s a nod to nostalgia. Horseshoes has a timeless appeal, reminding many of family gatherings and backyard games. It’s simple yet requires a bit of skill, making it engaging for all ages.

Setting up is minimal. Two stakes in the ground and a set of horseshoes are all you need. This simplicity means you can easily add it to any outdoor wedding setting without much hassle.

The game is inherently social. Players cheer each other on, and spectators often get involved in the excitement. It’s a great way to get guests interacting, sharing laughs, and enjoying some friendly rivalry.

Horseshoes is also a flexible game. You can adjust the distance between stakes to accommodate different skill levels, ensuring everyone from kids to grandparents can join in the fun.

  1. Croquet

Croquet brings a vintage and elegant feel to your wedding. Players hit wooden balls through hoops (wickets) embedded in the grass course, using mallets. The goal is to navigate the course in the correct sequence and direction.

Why choose Croquet? It’s stylish and sophisticated. The game has an old-world charm that can elevate the ambiance of your wedding, especially if you’re aiming for a vintage or garden party theme.

Setting up a croquet course is part of the fun. You can design the layout to be as challenging or straightforward as you like. Plus, the equipment, with its classic wooden mallets and colorful balls, adds to your wedding decor.

Croquet is a game that encourages strategy and skill, providing a gentle yet engaging challenge for your guests. It’s also a great conversation starter, as players strategize and compete in a friendly manner.

The game’s pace is leisurely, allowing players to chat and enjoy the outdoors while engaging in light physical activity. It’s perfect for guests who want to participate in a game without the intensity of more active sports.

  1. Giant Checkers

Giant Checkers takes the well-loved board game outdoors and supersizes it, offering a fun and visually striking element to your wedding. Played on a large mat or painted board, the oversized checkers pieces invite guests to step into the game literally.

Why is it appealing? It’s familiar yet novel. Almost everyone knows how to play checkers, but the giant version adds a fresh and playful twist. It’s also a great game for guests of all ages, easy to understand and enjoy.

All you need is a flat surface and the giant checkers set. It’s a visually appealing setup, often becoming a focal point for guests to gather around.

Giant Checkers is not just a game; it’s an interactive decoration. It adds a playful touch to your wedding and can be customized in colors to match your theme.

  1. Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect Four brings a beloved family game to life in a big way. Players take turns dropping oversized discs into a large vertical grid, aiming to be the first to connect four in a row.

Why include it? It’s instantly recognizable and incredibly engaging. The supersized version adds a unique twist, making it a standout attraction at your wedding.

Setting it up is easy. The game is self-contained and just needs a level space to stand. It’s perfect for all ages, from young children who can easily grasp the concept to adults who enjoy the strategic challenge.

Giant Connect Four is a fantastic icebreaker. It encourages interaction and laughter, as players battle it out in a friendly competition. The visual impact of the large, colorful grid also adds to the festive atmosphere of your wedding.

  1. Sack Race

The Sack Race is a delightful addition to any wedding, bringing a touch of nostalgia and lots of laughter. Participants step into sacks and hop their way to the finish line, often resulting in hilarious antics and unexpected spills.

This lawn wedding game is a throwback to childhood fun. It’s perfect for creating a lighthearted, joyful atmosphere. It’s also a great way to energize guests and shake off any formalities.

Setting up is as simple as it gets. All you need are sturdy sacks and a clear stretch of grass for the racecourse. It’s a low-cost, high-impact game that’s easy to organize.

The Sack Race is inclusive and encourages participation from guests of all ages. It’s a fantastic way to get people laughing, cheering, and enjoying the moment.

  1. Badminton or Volleyball

Badminton or volleyball can be a great addition to your wedding, offering guests the chance to indulge in some friendly team sports. Both games involve players hitting a shuttlecock or ball over a net, aiming to land it in the opposing team’s area.

These wedding games are great for larger groups and encourage teamwork and interaction. It’s also fun for guests who enjoy a bit of physical activity and competition.

All you’ll need is a net, racquets for badminton, or a volleyball. These games can be played on any grassy area and are adaptable to the space available.

Both badminton and volleyball are engaging and can be played at various skill levels, ensuring everyone from beginners to more athletic guests can join in. They’re also excellent spectator sports, adding to the lively atmosphere of your wedding.

Wedding Table Games

  1. Wedding Bingo

You’ve played bingo, but wedding bingo? It’s a delightful twist. Instead of numbers, think wedding-themed words or phrases. As events unfold at the wedding, mark your card. The first to get a line, wins!

Why it’s a hit: It’s interactive. You’re not just sitting; you’re engaged, paying attention to the speeches, the dances, the entrance. It’s a fantastic way to keep everyone involved.

Setting up? Easy. Custom cards and some markers are all you need. Tailor the words to your wedding for a personal touch. It’s fun, simple, and keeps your guests entertained throughout the reception.

  1. Marriage Mad Libs

Imagine your guests crafting hilarious stories about you. That’s Marriage Mad Libs. They fill in blanks in a story about you two, without knowing the context. The results? Often side-splittingly funny.

What’s great about it: It’s creative and personal. Guests get a chance to be playful, and you get a unique keepsake filled with humor and love.

The setup is minimal. Just provide the story templates and pens. It’s a perfect icebreaker, especially for guests at shared tables who might not know each other well.

  1. Couple’s Crossword

A crossword about you and your partner? Yes, please! Guests will need to answer questions about your lives, your relationship, your favorites. It’s a brain teaser that gets everyone talking.

It’s personal and interactive. Guests might need to chat with each other or with you to get answers. It’s a great way to share your story in a fun, interactive way.

To set up, just print out the crosswords and leave them on the tables. Include some pens, and you’re all set. It’s a thoughtful way to keep guests entertained and to let them learn more about you as a couple.

  1. ‘I Dare You’ Cards

This one’s for a bit of adventurous fun. ‘I Dare You’ cards on each table, each with a light-hearted, harmless dare. Dance with a stranger, take a funny photo, give a compliment. It’s a nudge for guests to step out of their comfort zones.

Why it works: It breaks the ice. It gets people laughing, moving around, and interacting in unexpected ways. It’s a memorable way to spark some spontaneous fun.

Setup is as simple as scattering the cards on the tables. Watch as your guests challenge themselves and each other, creating unforgettable moments.

  1. Love Story Mad Libs

Like Marriage Mad Libs, but this time, it’s the story of how you met, your first date, or your proposal. Guests fill in the blanks, often with hilarious results.

What makes it special: It’s a funny, heartwarming way to involve your guests in your love story. The outcomes are often hilarious and always memorable.

Setting up is a breeze. Just print out the stories and leave them on the tables with some pens. It’s a great conversation starter and a surefire way to get some laughs.

  1. Bride and Groom Trivia

A quiz about you and your partner. From your favorite foods to your dream vacation spots, see who knows you best. It’s a fun way to test your guests’ knowledge about you both.

Why it’s a winner: It’s engaging and personal. Guests will enjoy testing their knowledge and learning new things about you.

To set up, just prepare a list of questions and answers. You can have a designated quizmaster or let guests quiz each other. It’s a fun, interactive way to add a personal touch to your reception.

  1. Ring Hunt

Hidden around each table are tiny rings. The challenge? See who can find the most. It’s a mini treasure hunt that adds an element of playful competition to your reception.

It’s a simple, engaging wedding activity that adds an element of surprise. Guests can casually participate throughout the reception.

Just hide the rings around each table before the guests arrive. It’s a small, fun addition that can make a big impact on the enjoyment of your guests.

Wedding Reception Games

  1. The Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is a wedding reception classic. You and your partner sit back to back, each holding one of your own shoes and one of your partner’s. As questions are read out (“Who is more likely to…?”), you raise the shoe that best fits the answer. It’s a hilarious way to see how well you know each other.

This reception wedding game often leads to unexpected revelations and lots of laughter. Guests get a glimpse into your relationship in a light-hearted, entertaining way.

All you need is two chairs, your shoes, and a list of fun questions. It’s a heartfelt and humorous addition that creates memorable moments.

  1. Wedding Wheel

Imagine a colorful wheel at your reception, each segment offering a different outcome – a dance, a song, a funny challenge. Guests spin the wheel and enjoy whatever fun action it lands on.

This activitiy is unpredictable and interactive. The Wedding Wheel adds an element of chance and excitement to your reception, keeping guests entertained and involved.

Setting up involves a bit of creativity. Design a wheel with various actions and set it up in a visible area. It’s a fantastic focal point that encourages guest participation.

  1. Karaoke

Karaoke at a wedding? Absolutely! It’s your chance and your guests’ to belt out favorite tunes. Whether it’s a heartfelt ballad or a group sing-along, karaoke brings a fun, lively vibe to your reception.

Why it works: It’s a crowd-pleaser. Karaoke breaks the ice and brings people together in a joyful, often hilarious way. It’s a great way to showcase your guests’ hidden talents.

Arrange for a karaoke machine with a diverse song list, and let your guests do the rest. It’s a surefire way to add energy and excitement to your celebration.

  1. Dance Off

A dance-off can be a thrilling addition to your wedding reception. Encourage guests to hit the dance floor and show off their best moves. It can be spontaneous or a structured competition.

Why it’s a hit: It’s energetic and inclusive. A dance-off gets everyone moving, whether they’re dancing or cheering on the participants. It’s a great way to fill the dance floor and keep the party going.

Setting up? Just clear a space and maybe have a sign-up sheet. You can even have small prizes for the winners. It’s a fun, engaging way to celebrate your special day.

  1. Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt invites guests to capture specific moments or items at the reception. From a group selfie to a picture of the oldest relative, it’s a creative way to document the day.

Why it’s enjoyable: It’s interactive and a great way to get unique photos of your wedding. Guests explore, interact, and have fun capturing memories.

Provide a list of photo challenges and perhaps disposable cameras or encourage smartphone use. It’s a modern, engaging way to involve your guests in capturing the day.

  1. Couple Trivia

Couple Trivia is all about you and your partner. Questions can range from your favorite foods to details about your relationship. It’s a fun way for guests to learn more about you both.

Why it’s great: Guests enjoy the challenge of seeing how much they know about you, and it’s a great conversation starter.

Just prepare a list of questions and have someone host, or let guests quiz each other. It’s a personalized touch that adds fun and intimacy to your reception.

  1. ‘I Dare You’ Challenges: Reception Edition

Similar to the table game, but with a reception twist. Dares can range from dancing with the bride or groom to taking a funny photo with a group of guests. It’s a playful way to add spontaneity to your celebration.

Why it’s a hit: It encourages interaction and creates memorable, fun moments. Guests get to be a bit daring and everyone enjoys the results.

Simply distribute cards with dares around the reception area. It’s an effective way to add laughter and joy to your special day.

  1. Guess the Guest

In Guess the Guest, each person has a fact about themselves that others have to guess. It could be anything from “I’ve climbed Mount Everest” to “I once met a celebrity.” It’s a great way to learn more about each other.

Why it’s fun: It’s a conversation starter and a perfect way to break the ice. Guests get to share stories and connect in a unique way.

Setting up involves collecting interesting facts from your guests in advance and then creating a way for these to be guessed at the reception. It’s a thoughtful, interactive way to make your reception more personal and engaging.

Games For Kids

hooray kid
  1. Treasure Hunt

A Treasure Hunt is a great wedding game for kids. Young ones follow a map or clues, leading them to hidden treasures around the venue. It’s an adventure they’ll love and remember.

Why it’s perfect: kids get to explore and enjoy the thrill of discovery. Plus, it keeps them occupied and happy.

Setting up? Just hide some treasures and create a map or clues. It’s a fun way to include the younger guests in your special day.

  1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but make it wedding-themed. Maybe it’s “Pin the Veil on the Bride” or “Pin the Bowtie on the Groom.” It’s a playful twist on a classic.

Why kids love it: It’s simple and silly. Blindfolded, spinning around, trying to pin the tail – it’s a recipe for giggles and fun.

To set up, just hang the poster and have the tails or accessories ready. It’s an easy, delightful game that brings laughter to your wedding.

  1. Coloring Station

A Coloring Station with wedding-themed coloring books offers a peaceful corner for the little artists. It’s a quiet, creative activity that can be a welcome break from the excitement.

Coloring is calming and enjoyable. Kids can express their creativity and take home their artwork as a keepsake.

Setting up is as easy as providing coloring books and crayons. It’s a simple, effective way to entertain kids at your wedding.

  1. Bubble Station

A Bubble Station is always a hit. Kids can chase and pop bubbles to their heart’s content. It’s a joyful, carefree activity that adds a magical touch to your wedding.

Bubbles are mesmerizing and fun. They’re simple yet provide endless entertainment for kids.

To set up, just have bubble wands and solution ready. It’s an effortless way to add some whimsy and delight to your celebration.

  1. Craft Corner

A Craft Corner lets kids make simple crafts. They can create something related to the wedding or just let their imagination run wild. It’s a hands-on activity that keeps them engaged.

Crafting is both fun and educational. The young ones get to be creative and take home a personal souvenir.

Provide some basic craft supplies and a few ideas. It’s a thoughtful addition that encourages creativity and fun.

  1. Duck Pond Game

The Duck Pond Game is a charming wedding activity. Kids pick a rubber duck from a ‘pond’ and win a prize. It’s simple, exciting, and every child wins something.

Why it’s appealing: It’s a game of chance with a guaranteed reward. Kids love the surprise element and the joy of winning.

Setting up is straightforward. Just fill a small pool with water, add rubber ducks, and prepare small prizes. It’s a delightful game that brings smiles all around.

  1. Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop involves popping balloons filled with confetti and small treats. It’s a thrilling activity for kids, full of anticipation and surprises.

Why kids adore it: The pop, the shower of confetti, and the treats inside make for an exciting game. It’s a burst of joy and a fun way to keep kids entertained.

To set up, just fill balloons with confetti and treats and have them ready to pop. It’s a vibrant, engaging addition to your wedding.

  1. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a game that never gets old. Kids circle chairs to music, scrambling to find a seat when the music stops. It’s energetic, fun, and full of laughter.

It’s active and exciting. The rush to find a chair when the music stops is thrilling for kids.

Just arrange chairs and have some music ready. It’s a classic game that’s easy to organize and always a hit.

  1. Face Painting

Face Painting turns kids into little works of art. Whether they want to be a butterfly, a superhero, or a fairy, it’s a fun transformation they’ll absolutely enjoy.

This activity allows kids to express themselves in a fun, artistic way. They love seeing themselves transformed and showing off their painted faces.

To set up, have a face painter ready with paints and designs. It’s a creative and colorful way to delight the younger guests.

  1. Storytelling Corner

A Storytelling Corner, where kids can listen to stories or watch puppet shows, offers a magical escape. It’s a cozy spot for them to relax and be enchanted by tales.

Stories captivate and spark imagination. It’s a calming activity that can be a welcome change of pace from the day’s excitement.

Just arrange a comfortable area with some cushions and a storyteller or puppeteer. It’s a charming way to include a touch of magic in your wedding for the little ones.