Wedding Traditions: What to Embrace and What to Skip

Soon-to-be-weds, getting ready to tie the knot and want to make it unforgettable? But, let’s talk about mixing and matching those wedding traditions.

Think of your big day like a playlist – some classics, a few surprises, and totally tailored to your taste.

Want to make a grand entrance or keep it low-key? It’s all good! And here’s the kicker – if there’s something that doesn’t vibe with you, feel free to leave it out.

No flower girls? No problem! Prefer a high-five over a first dance? Go for it!

We’re here to help you craft a day that’s not just a series of events, but a celebration of your unique love story.

Let’s get planning – your way!

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Wedding Traditions to Do

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Wearing a Veil

This elegant tradition has roots in ancient Rome to ward off evil spirits. Today, it’s all about that stunning bridal mystique you get when you don a beautiful veil. Whether it’s a cathedral-length statement or a simple fingertip veil, the choice is yours – make that walk down the aisle unforgettable!

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

Call it superstition or call it romance, lifting your bride as you cross the threshold of your new home is about protecting her from ill omens or bad luck. Plus, it’s a great trust exercise – literally! It’s also a charming way to start your new life together with a bit of fun and laughter.

Father-Daughter Dance

There’s something incredibly touching about a father-daughter dance. It’s a heartfelt nod to the past while stepping into the future – cue the tears and the ‘awws.’ This dance can be a poignant symbol of the transition from one chapter of life to another, cherished by both father and bride.

Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding

Bucking tradition? Some couples choose a ‘first look’ before the ceremony for a private moment and some stunning photos. But, if you’re after that classic suspense, saving the reveal for the aisle is still a goosebumps-worthy choice! It’s an opportunity to calm any pre-ceremony jitters and share a special moment together.

Exchanging Vows

These are the words that seal the deal. Whether you choose traditional or write your own wedding vows, speaking your promises aloud in front of your loved ones is what ties that knot. It’s a deeply personal moment, reflecting the unique bond and commitment between you two.

Bouquet and Garter Toss

Want a dash of playful competition? The bouquet toss for the single ladies and the garter toss for the gents can be a fun tradition that gets everyone involved. Ready, set, catch! This lighthearted ritual can also be a great ice-breaker and get guests mingling.

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Bridal Showers

Who doesn’t love a good party with friends and family? Bridal showers are a great way to celebrate your upcoming wedding, share advice, and maybe score some household goodies. Plus, it’s a wonderful opportunity for your loved ones to show their support and excitement for your new journey.

First Dance

The first dance as a married couple is your moment to shine – literally and figuratively. Whether it’s a waltz or a quirky choreographed number, it’s all about you two. This dance sets the tone for your life together, showcasing your love and partnership.

Cake Cutting

Cutting the cake together is a slice of tradition (pun intended) that symbolizes your first shared task as a married couple. Plus, who doesn’t want cake? It’s a sweet moment that often leads to some playful and memorable photo opportunities.


After all the excitement, a honeymoon is your time to relax, unwind, and bask in that newlywed glow. Whether it’s a tropical getaway or a cozy staycation, enjoy every second – you’ve earned it! It’s a time to create unforgettable memories and celebrate your union in your own special way.

Remember, your wedding is all about the love between you and your partner. Choose the traditions that resonate with you, and feel free to modernize or skip any that don’t!

Wedding Traditions to Skip

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Inviting People You Don’t Want To

Ever felt pressured to invite someone out of obligation? Guess what, it’s your day! Craft a guest list that reflects those you truly want to celebrate with. This means cutting out distant relatives, old acquaintances, or colleagues you’re not close to. A smaller, more intimate celebration often leads to a more personal and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

While adorable, flower girls and ring bearers are not a must-have. If the thought of coordinating little ones doesn’t spark joy or the mere logistics give you a headache, feel free to skip this one. Again, your ceremony should reflect your preferences and style, not just follow tradition for tradition’s sake.

Giving the Bride Away

Traditionally, the bride is “given away” by a male relative, but this can feel outdated for some. Remember, it’s completely acceptable to walk down the aisle solo or with both parents to honor your independence or both parental relationships.

White Dress and Black Tux

Wearing a white dress or a black tux is not a requirement. Express your personality through your attire; go for a dash of color, a casual look, or even thematic costumes if that’s what reflects your style. Today’s weddings are all about individual expression and breaking free from conventional molds.

Traditional Guest Book

The idea of a book full of signatures can seem a bit bland. Spice up the tradition with a creative twist like signing a piece of artwork or a keepsake, or perhaps, just ditch the book altogether for something more interactive or digital.

Final Thoughts

Alright, lovebirds, that’s your sneak peek into crafting a wedding day that’s as unique as your love story. As you step into this exciting chapter, think about this: What’s the one thing that will make your wedding feel like a fairytale? How will you infuse your personalities into every moment?

And finally, when you look back on this day, what’s the memory that will make you both say, ‘Yes, that was us!’? Dream big, love boldly, and create a day that will be etched in your hearts forever.