15 Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas (+ Gift Ideas)

Ever thought about how popping the big question to your bridesmaids might feel just as nerve-wracking as the actual proposal? Well, fear not!

Whether you’re looking to unleash a burst of confetti, share a laugh with a meme, or capture the moment with a funny photoshoot, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most unforgettable and unique ways to ask your friends to stand by your side on your big day. And it doesn’t stop there!

Besides these creative proposal ideas, I’ll also share some cool and unique gift ideas to accompany your big ask. 

bridesmaids laughing

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

#1 Balloon Pop

This is my favorite for sheer surprise factor! Picture this: You fill balloons with confetti and slip in a message that pops the question. Hand your friend a pin and let the exploding confetti do the talking. It’s playful, unexpected, and makes for fantastic photos to remember the moment.

#2 Hire a Celebrity To Do a Video

I laughed so hard when our friend pulled out this proposal. Imagine hiring a celebrity your friend adores to pop the bridesmaid question via a personalized video. Services like Cameo make it easy. It’s a great mix of starstruck excitement and a truly memorable proposal.

#3 Meme Creation Contest

Another cool bridesmaid proposal idea is hosting a meme-making session. You and your friends riff on your funniest moments, crafting memes that reflect your bond. Drop your meme last, asking, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” in the punchline. It’s interactive, hilarious, and super personal.

#4 Pet Proposal

This is another of my favorite ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. If you or your friend has a pet, strap a message onto their collar or teach them a cute trick to deliver the question. It’s adorable and perfect for animal lovers.

#5 Funny Photoshoot

Set up what looks like a serious photoshoot with a professional photographer, then unveil a trunk of ridiculous props and outfits. As you both dissolve into laughter with each outrageous costume, end the session with a sign that asks, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” It’s a wonderful way to capture your fun-loving friendship.

#6 Horseback Riding Proposal

How about a serene ride on horseback through beautiful trails? Just when the moment feels perfect, you can either hand them a note or have a banner waiting at the end of the ride with your big question. It’s adventurous and gives you both a story to tell for years.

#7 Host Game Night

Game nights are always fun, but imagine ending yours with a special twist. Play your favorite board or card games, and for the final round, customize the game to reveal your proposal. Whether it’s a trivia question or a custom card, it turns a regular night into a memorable occasion.

#8 Video Message

For a heartfelt touch, create a video message recounting your friendship and the reasons you’d love them by your side on your big day. Send it to them or set up a viewing together; their reaction will be priceless, especially with tissues at hand for happy tears.

#9 Escape Room Adventure

An escape room adventure is perfect for problem-solvers. Tailor the final clue to lead to a locked box containing your proposal. It’s a thrilling way to test your teamwork and celebrate when you ‘escape’ into wedding planning together.

#10 Karaoke Night Out

Hit your local karaoke bar and sing your heart out with friends. When it’s your turn, dedicate a song to your potential bridesmaid and modify the lyrics to include your proposal. It’s fun, public, and perfect for friends who don’t mind a little spotlight.

#11 Rooftop Dinner

Imagine dining under the stars on a beautifully decorated rooftop. As the evening unfolds, serve a course that includes a hidden note under the plate or in a custom menu, asking them to be your bridesmaid. It’s intimate, elegant, and a night to remember.

#12 Picnic in a Park

Organize a relaxed picnic in a beautiful park. Halfway through, hand them a basket with the question hidden among the treats. It’s casual, personal, and perfect for enjoying a lovely day out.

#13 Themed Movie Night

Host a movie night with films about weddings or epic friendships. As you snack on popcorn and treats, pause the movie for a special preview — your proposal video or a message hidden in a fake movie case. It’s cozy and deeply personal.

#14 Custom Fortune Cookie

A dinner that ends with custom fortune cookies is both sweet and surprising. They crack open the cookie to find a message saying, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” It’s a simple, delightful twist that adds a dash of destiny to your proposal.

#15 Bake Them a Cake

Who can resist a sweet treat? Bake a cake and write, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” on top. You could even hide the message inside the cake for an extra surprise when you cut into it. It’s a heartfelt and delicious way to pop the question.

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Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts Set

This is one of my favorite proposal gift ideas—a perfectly curated bridesmaid gift box. Inside, you’ll find a stainless steel champagne flute, a jewelry set, a rose gold bangle, silk hair ties, goat milk soap, a candle, a bridesmaid card, and the elegant gift box itself.

Bridesmaid Candle Gift

I love this candle, lol! With its funny saying, it’s a perfect way to show how much your bridesmaids mean to you. It’s a thoughtful keepsake to invite your best friends, sister, or coworker to take on this special role. Pair it with a personal note and you’ll have a beautiful proposal gift!

Bridesmaid Proposal Card 8 Pcs

This card set is perfect! It includes 8 bridesmaid cards, 2 for maids of honor, and 1 for your matron of honor. The set also comes with envelopes and stickers to create a personalized gift. Attach photos, add a heartfelt message, and you’re ready to ask your friends, sisters, or in-laws to be a part of your big day

Gift Box

Already have a proposal gift but need a cute box for it? This collapsible gift box with a lid is the perfect way to present it! With a strong magnetic closure and an easy-to-assemble design, it’s ideal for holding chocolates, jewelry, perfumes, or other proposal gifts.

Sweet Coconut Spa Box Gift

There’s no lady who doesn’t love bath gift sets, so you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s not just a self-care box, it’s a luxurious home spa experience. Scented with sweet coconut, this set includes a soap bar, soy wax candle, salt scrub, shower steamers, and a dried flower bouquet inspired by Dutch flower fields.

Bridesmaid Proposal Scratch Off Cards

Looking for unique proposal cards? Here’s one that will make your bridesmaids smile. This scratch card is a creative and delightful way to pop the question. It’s beautifully finished with UV varnish, and comes with an envelope. Pair it with some chocolate or other small gift for the perfect proposal surprise

Kate Aspen Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit Gift Set

This bridesmaid proposal gift set is a lovely and fun way to pop the question! Inside, you’ll find a pink glitter heart frame with gold trim, engagement ring and diamond-shaped magnets, and a gold heart magnet. There’s also a white mug with pink watercolor, gold foil details, and “Bridesmaid” sunglasses, plus a cute pink “xoxo” trinket dish.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gifts Box Sets

Another lovely and cool bridesmaid proposal gift that you can’t go wrong with! Inside, you’ll find a rose gold 6 oz stainless steel champagne cup (with a straw and brush), silk hair ties, a rose soap, jasmine fragrance, rose gold earrings, a bracelet, and a white “Bridesmaid” makeup bag. Plus, there’s an invitation card where you can add your personal message

Wedding Team Hand Cream

If you’re looking for multiple presents that are affordable yet super unique, this wedding team hand cream is your go-to! Each set comes with six luxurious, floral-scented creams that your entire bride tribe will adore. Made with high-quality ingredients, they’re a perfect bridesmaid proposal gift to pamper your closest friends.


How many bridesmaids do people usually have?

There’s really no hard and fast rule about how many bridesmaids you should have. It often depends on the size of your wedding or how large you want your wedding party to be. Typically, people tend to have anywhere from three to ten bridesmaids, but choose whatever feels right for your big day!

How do I choose who to ask to be a bridesmaid?

Think about the friends and family members who have been most supportive of you over the years. Consider their ability to commit to the role, as it can involve time, emotional support, and sometimes financial contributions. It’s important to choose people who you believe will be by your side not just for the wedding, but for life.

Can a bridesmaid be married?

Absolutely! A bridesmaid who is already married is often called a ‘matron of honor’, while unmarried bridesmaids are typically called ‘maids of honor’. But married or not, anyone can be a bridesmaid. It’s all about who you want by your side.