2 DIY Dollar Store Wedding Decor Ideas

Weddings can be an expensive affair, but with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, you can achieve beautiful decor without breaking the bank. This guide provides two wedding decor ideas crafted from dollar store items, proving that elegance doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag.

Floral Rings Backdrop


  • Metal Rings: You’ll require three sturdy metal rings. Their size should be substantial enough to act as a prominent backdrop feature. Consider the diameter that fits the space best.
  • Copper Wire: This malleable wire will help in connecting the rings and attaching the decorative elements securely.
  • Copper Spray Paint: To give your rings a gleaming and unified look, this paint provides an aesthetic appeal and prevents any rusting.
  • Faux Eucalyptus: These add a touch of greenery, making the backdrop look lush and lively.
  • Scrap Wood: A small piece is sufficient, which you can repurpose to create a decorative sign.
  • White Paint: Ideal for making your sign pop against the copper and floral backdrop.
  • Fishing Wire: Almost invisible, this will aid in hanging the sign and the backdrop itself.
Floral Rings Backdrop DIY

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Prepare the Rings: Start by examining the rings. If they are attached to any other structures or have any irregularities, use pliers to detach and smoothen them out. You want three standalone rings for this creation.
  2. Arrange the Rings: Envision how you want the backdrop to look. Whether you’re going for a vertically aligned style, an interlinked pattern, or a cascading arrangement, position the rings accordingly. Once you’ve settled on a design, utilize the copper wire to bind them together securely. Ensure they maintain their position and don’t wobble.
  3. Painting: For a polished and cohesive appearance, spray paint the connected rings uniformly with copper spray paint. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated space, and allow ample time for the paint to dry thoroughly.
  4. Add Flowers: Now, bring life to your structure. Using the copper wire, artfully attach the faux flowers, making sure to spread them out evenly. Intermingle the flowers with strands of faux eucalyptus, which will lend a rustic, natural appeal and cleverly conceal any visible sharp edges or wire knots.
  5. Create a Sign: This sign acts as a personal touch. On your scrap wood, using the white paint, inscribe “Mr. & Mrs.” or any other message or symbol that resonates with your special day. Allow the paint to dry properly to avoid smudges.
  6. Attach the Sign: Using the nearly invisible fishing wire, tie the sign so that it hangs comfortably in the center (or desired position) of your rings. Make sure it’s securely attached and balanced.
  7. Displaying Your Masterpiece: Lastly, find the perfect spot for your backdrop. Whether it’s behind the main table, as a photo booth background, or as a standalone piece, make sure it’s safely hung. Again, use fishing wire for this purpose as it’s sturdy yet discreet.

The Floral Ring Backdrop, with its harmonious blend of metallic and natural elements, will undoubtedly act as a conversation starter and a memorable piece of your wedding decor. And the best part? It’s a budget-friendly creation that looks anything but.

Mirrored Seating Chart

Materials Required:

  • Mirrored Glass Panels: You will need six of these, same size for a uniform look.
  • Scrap MDF Board: This will serve as the base for attaching the mirrored panels.
  • White Paint: Choose a paint that adheres well to MDF.
  • White Paint Marker: This will be used for writing on the mirrors.
  • Construction Adhesive: Strong adhesive to ensure the mirrors stay in place.
  • Faux Eucalyptus: A touch of greenery to add a decorative finish.
Mirrored Seating Table list

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. MDF Board Preparation: First and foremost, you’ll need to measure the MDF board. Once you have your measurements, cut the board so that it can comfortably accommodate all six mirrored panels in a neat windowpane style.
  2. Time to Paint: Neatly paint the edges and the central part of the MDF board using the white paint. Make sure to apply a smooth, even coat and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  3. Setting the Mirrors: Before attaching, ensure that the mirrored panels are free from any hooks or attachments. With the construction adhesive, carefully glue each mirror onto the MDF board, keeping in line with the layout you’ve planned out.
  4. Adding Names: Now, with the white paint marker, you can start writing down table names and the corresponding guest names on each mirrored panel. Think of each mirror as a unique table section.
  5. Final Touches: To give your seating chart an extra touch of elegance, artfully arrange and attach the faux eucalyptus around the edges of the MDF board.
  6. A Helpful Hint: In case of any errors or changes, remember that the white paint marker writing can be gently wiped away from the mirror using an appropriate cleaning agent.

The mirrored seating chart is a striking blend of functionality and aesthetics. Using reflective mirrored panels as a backdrop adds a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance that immediately captures attention. Unlike traditional paper or wooden seating charts, mirrors elevate the design, reflecting light and surroundings to integrate seamlessly into any decor style. Additionally, writing names and tables directly on the mirror with a paint marker infuses a bespoke touch, turning a functional item into a memorable piece of art. This seating chart is not just a guide for guests but also a statement piece that adds a unique sparkle to the event’s ambiance.

In Conclusion:

Crafting such DIY wedding decor offers not just a chance to save money but also lends an intimate, personal vibe to your celebration. The beauty of these creations is that they can be tweaked and tailored to align with your specific wedding theme and colors. Dive into your creative side, and with a bit of diligence, you can create luxurious-looking wedding decor without breaking the bank.