How to do Your Own Wedding Flowers for Under $200

For those startled by the high costs of wedding flowers, there’s a creative and cost-effective alternative: DIY wedding flowers. The journey begins at places like the LA Flower Mart, where stunning arrangements are possible without straining the budget.

DIY Wedding Flowers under 200

Embarking on a Floral Adventure

For a minimal entry fee, the LA Flower Mart offers access to a world abundant in colors and fragrances. The diversity of blooms available is a treasure trove for the DIY enthusiast, presenting countless options for unique creations.

Mastering the Flower Mart Experience

Given the vast array of choices, having a strategy is crucial. Focusing on a color scheme and selecting greens is a recommended approach. Fillers are essential; they enhance arrangements, adding volume and texture affordably.

Smart shopping involves more than selecting the prettiest petals. It’s wise to survey the entire market, inquire about prices, and negotiate. Vendors may offer deals for bulk purchases or when multiple types of flowers are bought from their stand.

Essential Preparations: Equip Yourself

Utilizing available carts eases the physical strain of carrying purchases. These can be borrowed with an ID or credit card for security. When choosing flowers, understanding the characteristics of larger blooms like hydrangeas can be beneficial. These flowers cover more space but require careful handling, as they can wilt under direct sunlight.

The Art of Arrangement: Crafting Bouquets and More

The real creativity is in assembling the arrangements. For centerpieces, using pre-soaked floral foam helps maintain the flowers’ freshness. Combining different textures, colors, and sizes results in eye-catching displays suitable for any wedding setting.

Making personal flowers, such as boutonnieres and bouquets, allows for additional customization. A common technique involves using a prominent rose cleaned of thorns, complemented with greenery, and secured with floral tape.

Bouquets can be more complex, often starting with a focal flower, supported by smaller blooms and accents like baby’s breath. After arranging, a rubber band can effectively hold the bouquet together, followed by floral tape. A final wrapping of ribbon is reserved for the day itself to prevent water stains.

The Outcome: Realizing a Vision

The DIY approach is more than a cost-saving exercise; it’s an expression of personal connection to the event. By integrating these handmade elements, couples can produce an enchanting atmosphere tailored to their celebration.

For couples navigating budget constraints, the message is clear: the beauty of DIY is not just an aesthetic choice but a practical one. With dedication, creativity, and a visit to venues like the flower mart, transforming a space into a floral fantasy within budget becomes a delightful reality.